Jazz – Ballet – Tap – Competition – Tumbling – Lyrical

Our Policies

Dress Code

When dancing at the studio, please wear proper dance attire. The following table will serve as a guide regarding the type of clothing to wear.

Younger Students

Black or Pink Leotard
Pink Tights                                               
Dance Company T-shirt

Older Students

Black Jazz Pants
Suitable Dance Top
Dance Company T-shirt

Tumblers and Boys

See instructor

All Students

Hair pulled away from face
See instructor for proper dance shoes

If you have any questions regarding dance attire, please contact your instructor. Practice apparel order will be placed later in the year.

Registration Process

To register for classes, please complete a registration form (online or printed) and submit it to us with your non-refundable registration fee. Registration fee varies depending on the session but can range from $30 to $50. The registration fee is paid once per family at the time of registration.

Class fees are separate and are due by the first day of class. We will inform you of the total amount due.

Liability Waiver

The parent or guardian releases TDP Dance Company and its employees from all liability for any injuries to person or property that may occur. It further grants permission for TDP Dance Company to use any photographs or videos for any legitimate purpose.

Classes and Class Schedule

Schedule/ages are subject to change.

Some classes are by permission only. Please contact us for additional information.

Private lessons are available. Please inquire.